Spiritual Experiences of Other People


I reached out to some people and asked them if they would like to share some of their spiritual experiences on this site.  Each description below is written by the person who had the experience.

Out of Body Dude’s experiences:

This morning I made contact with Jesus and he revealed something incredible to me.

I was in a deep state and requested to contact Jesus.  Suddenly I began to rise upwards as radial rays of rainbow colored light appeared at the bottom of my sight.  I realized that I was with someone, and we seemed to have a telepathic conversation going on.  It almost felt like I was always with this person, and they were very close to me. 

I then felt some sort of stream of loving energy come into me, and at the same time I was bringing this love into me.  I knew it was the presence of Jesus.  My vision came and I saw him(Jesus) and the other person I was with.  We were in some kind of dimension of pure energy, floating alongside one another.  I would speak to Jesus, but he wouldn’t respond to me.  It seemed like the person I was with would convey my question or message to him, and he would then answer or respond, focusing mainly on my friend but on me as well.  Soon I realized that either Jesus was ignoring me, or that he couldn’t really hear me.  He responded to my friend, and what he conveyed back to me hit me deep. 

Jesus said that he wasn’t used to “me” reaching out to him.  He normally only talks to “my friend.”  But at this moment it was revealed to me that me and my friend were actually the same entity.  The “me” that Jesus was referring to was the part of myself that was physically attuned, the one which was at that moment having an OBE from his physical dimension.  “My friend” was my higher self, the portion of my being which was in a state of spiritual grace and which apparently has a relationship with Jesus.  As this understanding began to seep in, I felt awestruck by the fact that I was finally consciously discovering the true nature of my higher self and my place within it, in a more or less straightforward way.  It was like I saw the true me for the first time, as if I was perceiving me through the eyes of my higher self.

As I type this I still feel the lingering excitement and amazement of this experience, and in general feel a little more enlightened.  Unfortunately I cannot recall the details of the conversation I had with Jesus and my higher self; it seems I only remember the part of the interaction that had the greatest impact on me.   All I really have left to say is wow.


I just had a breathtaking out of body experience.

After a short nap I awoke in an ideal state to leave my body.  I relaxed deeper into the state and soon I was out, floating up.  I tried to fly up and out of the house, but movement was slow.  “Forget this!” I thought.  I shut out all senses and mentally yelled, “I’m going to my higher self!”  

With the intention set to go to higher self, I instantly began moving through these images, it seemed to be shadows of people flying around in patterns and other designs as well.  I soon ended up at my destination.

It was a place I have never been before, but it was beautiful.  The sun was out and I was surrounded by buildings and trees.  There were murals painted on several buildings which I noticed.  I then realized that it actually wasn’t sunny, but the sun was painted on the buildings as well!  

Examining the place more, I flew through one of the windows into a building.  I felt the glass of the window as I passed through it and I felt instantly cooler inside, as if the temperature was actually lower.

But then I remembered… “Hey, I wanted to go to my higher self!  Where am I?”  

I began to look for people.  I flew to a restaurant type place where several people were hanging out and talking.  I flew to one of them.  It was a middle aged woman, not sure what race.  We began to converse.

I asked her, “I wanted to go to my higher self!  Why couldn’t I?”
She replied, “We are plugged in.  We can’t go there yet.”
I said, ” Well I’ve been there before.  Not for long though, only a few moments.”
She replied, ” Well then maybe you are ready.”

Amazed at what was happening, I flew off excitedly to see more.  

There was one or two metal statues of people outside of the restaurant, and I flew to it, grabbed a hold and swung around it really fast.  I felt the cold metal as I was holding on.  

I saw a building with large windows on the ground.  Inside were many trees inside what seemed like beautiful blue and green energy.  I entered this area and instantly felt this energy become a part of me.  

I looked at my hands to make sure I remained lucid.  They did not melt like they do during most Astral Projections.  

Soon after I was sent back into my body.

While out exploring this place, I began to think of where I actually was.  I instantly thought, “this is MY place, the place of my mind.”  I began to wonder if I created this entire place myself.  It sure seemed like it-  I am an artist and I love to paint and sculpt… I actually just painted a mural at work, and I plan on painting murals all over my house when I move back to Brazil.  Well, in this dimension there were murals all over the buildings and walls, and sculptures and statues as well.  Something I would have definitely loved to create.

Also, who were those people I encountered?  They seemed just as conscious and real as I was.  Perhaps they are members of my disk/higher self.  After all, I intended to go to my disk.  Maybe this was a meeting place where my other reincarnational selves go to interact.  It certainly was a different dimension than I’m used to, I know this because the melting hands phenomenon did not happen.

Now that I think of it, I should have asked that lady more questions… but I am satisfied because I remembered some of what was said, which is rare for me.  I suppose it shows development of sorts.  Next time I am out of body I am going to request higher self again and see where I go!

Another interesting note, the lady said we were “plugged in” and therefore unable to go back to our higher self.  She most likely was referring to our connection with our physical body.  Perhaps she thought I meant I wanted to merge into my higher self and not return back to my body.  Or maybe she has never accessed her higher self before and doesn’t know its possible to do while still physical.


This morning I had one of the most profound Out of Body Experiences of my life.  It’s wasn’t the length of the trip, but it’s intensity, and the power of what occurred. 

I don’t remember the separation, it may have happened right out of the sleep state.  I found myself in a strange location, probably on Earth, and it was night.  I floated up to see above the horizon, and my breath was taken away as I was filled with an intense level of joy.  Before me was an infinite expansion of what looked like the most beautiful stars in a hazy purple[and possibly other colored]mist.  Some where HUGE, some were smaller in size.  Most were equally intensely bright. 

I was then struck with an amazing realization.  These were not stars.  They were conscious entities of some kind, shining with an immense brightness.  I realized that all types of spirit activities were occurring in this dimension, including oversouls. 

I was suddenly filled with an strong desire to make contact with my higher self, and immediately found myself going through some kind of energy structure which I cannot explain.  I was instantaneously before a GIANT presence which I knew was the greater portion of my total being.  I then felt like I was a raindrop falling into a large puddle, only I seemed travel sideways instead of falling down into it. 

The moment I made contact with this enormous entity (which I am 100% sure was my higher self)  a feeling of infinite love, bliss, and ecstasy shattered through my being with a mind-blowing intensity.  I felt infinite compassion and love, and at that moment it was all for me.  The joy was too strong, and I felt like I would explode if remained in that state for any longer.  I aborted ship and came back home.

This is my first conscious exploration to the true vibration of my higher self(that I remember).  No filters this time.  I become so excited by just remembering the trip.  This will not be the last one, for this has exponentially increased my desire for more journeys to this level of being.


Last night I had the most profound, amazing experience of my life(that I remember).  It is something I will never forget. 

I fell asleep during my Gateway exercise, and a few hours after I fell asleep I regained consciousness and heard that the Gateway tracks were still running.  I began to fall back to sleep, but my mind stayed awake and I felt my energy body loosening.  I exited my body with  tremendous force.  For some reason I was violently launched from my body.

I was traveling through this amaaazing place, whizzing past what looked like billions of beautiful blue bubbles.  I felt the most intense feeling of love and joy I have ever felt in my life, it simply overwhelmed me.  I was so ecstatic with joy I began doing back flips.  There were brilliant, indescribable colors bursting all around me.  There were wondrous sounds.  My feelings seemed to form words and were dancing all around in the beautiful colors.  The senses I experienced(colors, sounds, feelings, words) were unlike anything of a physical nature.  This was totally unlike anything I have ever consciously experienced before, and yet I soon felt a feeling of familiarity, and the feeling of wonderment of this new undescribable place dimmed, and I found myself half-remembering where I was.  The intense feeling of love stayed, however.

I seemed to be flying through tunnels, and somehow it seemed as if I knew where I was going.  I believe that wherever I was, it was very abstract, and the closest thing I can describe it to is going through tunnels.  I found my way to a certain area, and I immediately knew where I was.  The thoughts were mine, and yet seemed to be coming from an outside source.  I believe it was my higher self.  After translating the knowledge I received into tangible thoughts, I came out with… “This area shows how human’s corrupt has developed.”  What this meant to me was that every spirit gets corrupted in one way or another in their lives on earth, of course some far more seriously than others.  The area somehow showed people’s spiritual development, and displayed how they have been corrupted by their earthly life.   

While in this place, I have memories of certain friends and family members.  Many of the people I remember from this place have truly been spiritually corrupted during their life.  I cannot tell whether these people were actually there, or if it was just my thoughts manifesting. 

The rest of the experience is quite fuzzy in my mind.  The rest of what happened seems to be too abstract for me to recall in detail.  Rather, I am left with subtle feelings of what occurred during the remainder of this wonderful journey.

After regaining waking consciousness, I quickly wrote down what happened, shaking from the love and excitement I was still feeling.  The beauty of what I had just experienced was unlike anything I can remember, I hardly have any tangible thing to compare it to.  I believe I have had similar experiences such as this due to the familiarity I felt.  Chances are these trips occurred during my many clickouts.  I hope to be able to recall many more abstract journeys in the future, and I am truly thankful for being able to embark on this journey and remember it.


Scott B’s experience:

I had a series of past life meditations which brought me some tremendous understanding and focus on various aspects of this lifetime.  One in particular was dramatically remarkable.

In the meditation I choose a door by the symbol on it…this one had a crescent moon.  Upon entering I usually look at my feet, but as I looked there was nothing and I “saw” everywhere at once surrounding me and the appearance of a night sky with millions of stars.  I felt incredibly powerful, all-knowing, capable of anything with an exhilarating deep sense of love and of being loved to a level that was almost intoxicating.  Each of the “stars” began to surround me more closely and I realized they were all beings I knew and would see in the next lifetime, as we had been together so many times before, and the love and compassion increased along with the sense of confidence and elation.

I then got a sense of moving at blinding speed and there was a loud “pop” and the vision became a placid view of a new mother holding a baby in her arms.  I then heard “That was when you were born.”

During this entire vision there was a second sense, or line of commentary in the background that, while I could “hear” it during the above events, it became more clear in meditation about the events.  In effect it dumped large levels of knowledge and understanding about the process and provided glimpses of the indescribable levels of love and caring on the other side…to my human mind, I was shown what I can only term the “greatness” of what lies before and after our incarnate lifetimes.  I have no qualms about what we face on the other side, and I only wish I could adequately convey the absolute sense of peace and happiness I witnessed…it would have a marked effect on humanity.


Sylvan’s experience.

A conservative midwesterner might not be expected to get involved in non-physical explorations, but anyway finally I decided to try it.  A fellow posted that he needed “afterlife explorer” people to help find a recently deceased man whose family wanted to know more about how he died.  About five of us volunteered.

Police said he was a suicide who lept from a hotel window, but his family thought maybe he had been pushed.

Those of us doing the exploring were not allowed any contacts with each other and we did not know this fellow or his family.  We were told to report only to the organizer of this search, and he would not give out any results until everyone reported what they found.  We were only given the date that the deceased died and the place it happened.

It took a week to get all reports in.  I was sure of my afterlife vision but nervous whether it would be  confirmed by others.  Amazingly we all found out that 3–4 friends were rough-housing, someone playfully gave too strong a push, and accidentally the now deceased person had been pitched through a window and fell to his death.

He had no ill-will for the accident and was enjoying himself in the afterlife doing many of the same things he did on Earth — playing guitar, etc.  We all described his appearance similarly.

It was exciting to do this group search!

 Another Sylvan experience:

On a site that is based on afterlife experiences I noticed that a new poster seemed both wise and kind.  He could also help with healing, which I had never tried.  Once when my husband and I were both ill, I emailed this fellow and asked if he would send some healing energy our way.

A couple of evenings later I felt like an electrical field was nearby.  Like how it feels if you scuff your soles along a rug to make static electricity.  The mild electric charge moved around me like a breeze and soon I felt refreshed.  My dog also got up and was perkier, and when my husband awoke from his nap then, he was feeling better too.

I emailed the man who might be a healer and he said yes, he had tried a healing at about that time.  Over the next few months he returned several times to work on my husband’s poor health.  My husband always felt better afterwards.

The downside of this was because several things were wrong with my husband. The affected parts would feel stronger and then my husband would over-work his whole system, weakening some other part that was also ill.  The human healer, even when he worked through non-physical means, could only focus on one or two areas per visit.

Our dog always knew when his spirit arrived for a healing.  He was also in tune with the changed energies.

For several years the wise and kind healer continued to offer experiences and advice on that other site.  Then he wrote and said he’d had a stroke.  Then no word.

I mean to say this as rather a caution.  That although we can tap into these wholistic networks of energy, that does not make us gods.  We humans have limits.  We might extend our limits by getting involved in spiritual practices but we are still just a part of the total universe.