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My name is Albert A. Haust III. On this site I provide sample chapters of two books I wrote, articles and links to sites and books I believe have valuable information. I don’t mean that everything these chapters, articles, videos, sites and books have to offer is completely accurate. I don’t believe that any of us including myself have all of the answers, even though some people claim that they do.

I believe it is important to point out that I’m not an infallible source of information, partly because I have found on numerous occasions that when people decide to believe that a person is infallible and decide to listen to what that person has to say, to an extent they aren’t fully aware of they give their power away to that person.

This is especially so when the person they follow is a guru who claims to be enlightened and hold the key to the spiritual welfare of others. I firmly believe that anybody who knew what spiritual wisdom is about, wouldn’t present his (or herself) so people accept what he says before they listen to their own intelligence, experience, conscience, heart and common sense. A person who understands would realize that when a person accepts the “I’m enlightened” claim of another, he starts a snowball of psychological conditioning that begins with the premise that the so-called enlightened one can’t be questioned, because after all, how could an enlightened person possibly be wrong?

Also, a person who really understood would never allow other people to put himself on a pedestal either in an obvious way such as when people surrender their life to a guru and kiss his feet, or in a subtle way that doesn’t include feet kissing, but includes a movement of adulation that moves in one direction.

I say all of this yet you’ll find that I made contact with my higher self and spirit guidance. I’ve found that such guidance can be trusted. However, such guidance doesn’t seek adoration, just reciprocal love and respect. Such guidance doesn’t present a list of rules to follow. Being in touch with spirit guidance is like having a loving friend who points out the things you miss and offers perspectives. A wise friend knows that even though it can be helpful to provide assistance, dynamic spiritual growth requires that we learn a thing or two about self-dependency. Also, a wise and loving person (being) would never impose upon the free will of another.

I won’t keep going on about spirit guidance. If you want to find out more please read chapter 4 of my book. Thank you for visiting my site, and may God’s love and light be with you.

Your comments and feedback are welcomed. Please use this online contact form to send me a message. Thank you!