A Night in Heaven

I have chosen to name this book after what I refer to as my Night in Heaven experience, not because the entire book is about this experience, but because it is probably the most pivotal spiritual experience I’ve had. Plus, much of what I have written is based on what I learned during my Night in Heaven experience. As opposed to researching a particular subject in depth and providing book-based knowledge, I decided to write a book that is for the most part based on what I have learned through my own experience.

I don’t expect that each reader will find that every chapter speaks about a subject he (or she) is interested in. Chances are, however, that almost everyone who reads this book will find at least a few chapters that will be helpful. Ultimately, though, I believe all the chapters speak about subjects that are important to all of us either directly or indirectly, whether we know it or not.

For example, the A Night in Heaven and Be Love chapters are important to all of us. The A Night in Heaven chapter speaks about the wonderful eternal future that awaits us, and the Be Love chapter provides some of the details that allow us to reach that wonderful future sooner rather than later. I hope that the A Night in Heaven chapter sufficiently expresses the point that it is possible for a person to have a spiritual experience in a way where he becomes certain of the reality and truth of what he experiences.

I say this, yet I don’t claim to be an infallible source of information, even though I receive information from spirit beings who represent the light (higher truth, God, divine will). This is so because there might be occasions when I’ve interpreted the information I received incorrectly. Or there might be occasions when I received information that was beneficial for me but doesn’t necessarily represent what everybody needs to receive. There is also the factor of how, to some extent, I have relied on what my experience, intuition, heart, intelligence and common sense have told me rather than on what I received from a divine being. For the most part I believe that I did a good job when I relied on my own resources, but I have yet to find that I’m beyond being wrong.

Plus, I’ve found that it is a mistake for a person to claim that he is an infallible source of information. When others view someone as infallible source they tend to discredit their own experience, intuition, heart, intelligence and common sense. They continue to do so until they find that the person who is supposed to be infallible isn’t the spiritual master he claims to be. Until we reach the point where we can truly think for ourselves without the influence of the false concepts created by another, we won’t be able to find what truth is. So please feel free to find value within these pages, but please do so with the understanding that I’m seeking to share knowledge without adding another belief system for you to get entrapped in.